With high standards and great service at the heart of our community, our straightforward proprietary resources meet clients’ needs and drive cross-border revenues. 

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AGN delivers value to accounting firms around the world in distinct ways:

Brand Collaterals

Help your clients understand the standards and service you provide as a member of AGN. This includes access to shareable content that positions your firm as a thought leader in a competitive world. We provide each member firm with tools that help clarify the value of your investment in AGN membership. These tools and resources include:

  • AGN Branding Tools
  • LIVE Country Guides that help you do business around the globe
  • Business Opportunities Bulletins and Global Opinion Surveys to share with clients and prospects
  • Social media posts and campaigns
  • Surveys

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AGN Member firms share their expert technical resources and management information. No firm can know the answer to every question. But as a group AGN members can help with nearly everything. Need a tax expert in Brazil? We have them. Need someone who knows all about construction accounting or school bus companies? Our members can get it done. AGN creates an open and sharing environment to connect the expertise and knowledge of members. SHARE resources include:

  • Sharegroups / Knowledge Banks
  • Regional Meetings
  • Technical Seminars / Webcasts / Meetings
  • Regional Tax Guides / Bulletins
  • Surveys

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Global Reach & Expertise

AGN supports your firm and clients with international and multi-disciplinary resources. One of the signatures of an international organization is the ability to help you assist your clients all over the world. We have people. But AGN goes far beyond that, determining the standards of members and their abilities to provide excellent  customer service. Resources include:

  • Global Member Search
  • Firm Expertise Search
  • Member Expertise Search
  • AGN Experts
  • Business Opportunities Database

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Firm Growth & Development

Supporting business development in firms and regions globally. Every firm wants to grow in some way. AGN leads the industry with our commitment to and support for business development in our firms. Some of our resources include:

  • Client Collaboration Portal
  • In It to Win It
  • International Sector Development
  • Going International Support
  • Client Satisfaction & Referral Monitor
  • Case Studies
  • Business Development Training through the North American Region’s breakthrough ADVANCE program

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Training & Development

Helping you recruit, retain and develop amazing teams. At the forefront of the industry, AGN has developed some proven programs to help you attract and keep your most talented team members. These tools and programs include:

  • AGN: ADVANCE, a training and development program designed to help you keep your best and brightest team
  • NextGen, a global project to help firms ensure their succession by developing the leadership and business development capacity of their next generations
  • Upward Evaluation Survey Platform
  • Staff Exchange Program
  • HR Toolkit
  • HR Consulting
  • HR Sharegroup that shares best practices on staff recruitment and retention

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